Leftover steak pizza.

pizza baked 1

Since I have yet to master the whole cooking for one or two people thing (as opposed to cooking for an entire freaking army thing), I often find myself with leftovers. Like anyone with at least a few brain cells and semblance of a soul, I loathe wasting food, but I also admit that eating the same exact thing two or three days in a row is monotonous. So, I’m always looking for ways to turn my leftovers into something new! different! fancy!

Enter this pizza.

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Down for whatever marinade.

(Originally posted last year)


I am terrible at waking up in the morning. I always have been.

This is not to say that I’m a grunting, wild-haired, coffee-mug-chucking neanderthal before noon. On the contrary, I’m generally quiet and mild-mannered, although admittedly more high-functioning once I’ve had a mug of half-caff. I don’t hate mornings. I actually kind of like them, especially when I get up to walk Sam and the streets are still relatively quiet and uninhabited. What I hate is untangling myself from my pillows and comforters, shedding my cozy pajamas and putting on something work-appropriate and infinitely less comfortable than fuzzy socks and flannel pants. (Yes. I sleep in socks. I know that pretty much everyone thinks it’s weird to sleep in socks. You know what’s weirder than sleeping in socks? Voluntarily sleeping with cold feet. Game, set, match. I win.) And then I have to go to work, instead of playing with Sam, or reading on a beach, or running around outside on one of the final 80-degree days of the year.

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All you need is love. And steak.

Originally posted May 2012.


And puppy kisses. Although I think that probably falls under the “love” category.


Colin and I adopted this adorable, floppy bundle of fuzz, love and needle-sharp teeth a couple of weeks ago, and needless to say, I am completely smitten. Nothing beats coming home to a wiggly little furball so excited to see you they can’t stop jumping up to shower your face with kisses. NOTHING.

His name is Samwise Gump, by the way. Named for the two best people ever created. He wants to be friends with just about everyone. Even you! Aren’t you excited? I bet Sam just made your day.

Besides puppy kisses, you know what else can’t be beat? Steak.

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