Shrimp tacos with mango salsa.

tacos 3

I know that complaining about the eight thousand million billion tons of snow makes for pretty dull reading material, but seriously, I’m over it. Everyone who’s wearing their pajamas inside out and dropping ice cubes into the toilet and performing intricate snow dances, or whatever it is you weird winter people do, PLEASESTOP.

But, let’s be honest, it’s winter and it’s going to be miserable for at least another month. Instead of letting The Surly take over your life for the foreseeable future, might I suggest cranking up your heat, cracking open a beer and eating some food that feels like summer?

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Apple Bread

Originally posted April 2011.


You know what I should have done tonight?

Laundry. I mean, since I’m leaving for scenic Hinesville, Georgia, in about 48 hours and there is a heaping pile of clothing in my laundry basket strewn about my closet in the vicinity of my laundry basket, you’d think I’d take a step toward making the whole packing endeavor a little easier tomorrow evening.

I’ll be kicking myself tomorrow as I whine, “I don’t know what to weeeaaarrrrr….”

But not tonight. For tonight, I not only ate my favorite potato chips, drank my favorite (well, one of them) beer, and listened to the new album of my favorite band (holy moly, you MUST listen to “Wasting Light.” Like, if there is one thing you take from this post, I can’t decide if it’s “make my recipe” or “listen to the new Foo Fighters album.” I am that conflicted.)…


I did my one of my fa-vo-rite thiiiings — tried out a new recipe!

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