Tanya’s peach cobbler.


As much as I love fall, I’m not one of those people who starts heralding its coming in late August. I cling to the last few fleeting days of summer like they’re keeping me from drowning. Summer is my favorite, hands down, and here in Jersey, it’s far too short. I don’t need it to be cut any shorter by early arriving pumpkin beer (who wants to drink pumpkin ANYTHING when it’s still 86 degrees, guys?) and people trumpeting all over social media about how “FALL IS HERE!!!!” Because you know what comes next? Winter. And winter is lame. You all remember last winter, right? With its dirty mounds of snow sitting in parking lots until April, and how it was a miracle if the temperature broke like, 25?

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Bright & crunchy cole slaw

cole slaw

Following my post about the oh-so-good carnitas last week, I had a couple of requests for my cole slaw recipe. I originally didn’t measure out my ingredients, but during my semi-monthly grocery store binge, I decided to pick up the ingredients I needed and made it again… and measured my dressing! Hooray!

Here’s the thing about cole slaw – you either love it or you hate it. And I think a lot of people unfairly hate it because their experience with cole slaw is with something that’s watery and bland, and way too gloppy. Not to mention, “slaw” really isn’t the most appetizing word. Like George Carlin’s unwillingness to eat anything that has a “y” and a “g” in its name (yohhhguurt), I’m sure “slaw” just sounds totally unappetizing to many people out there. But, as Colin so aptly put it when I handed him his plate the other night, “You should call this entry, ‘Hey, people! You know you can eat cole slaw that isn’t terrible?'”

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Summer fare. Because it’s SUMMER.

Originally posted August 2012.


Dear Everyone,

You are out of control and need to be stopped. Freeze. Wait, don’t freeze. That’s the opposite of what I’m trying to convey. Put down the pumpkin beer. Stop pinning football recipes. Step away from the displays of Halloween decorations. And for the love of bacon, don’t even think about pulling on that wool cap.

People, it is August. It is AUGUST 20TH. It is still summer, and will still be summer for another month. Please, just let me revel in this for awhile. I saw this comic the other day and wept a little on the inside because I think I can count the number of times I’ve been to the beach on one hand and the days are getting shorter and I want it to be summer forever. And you people, all of you, are pushing fall WAY TOO EARLY. Fall, it’s not your turn yet. We still have 33 days of summer. Just let it be. We’re all going to be miserable, pasty crankypants counting down the days till spring soon enough. Can’t we just enjoy the sunshine? The warmth? The abundance of zucchini?


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