Grilled cheesiest.


When I went to Tampa last spring, my coworker and I got lunch at this cute little cafe, L’Eden, while we were killing time before checking in to our hotel. I had a mozzarella, brie and goat cheese panini, and was instantly smitten. It was one of the best paninis I’d ever had…and then I made an amped-up version of it this week, thanks to having plenty of leftovers from Colin’s slightly cheesetastic birthday dinner.

cheeses 2

Just imagine it. Creamy. Smoky. Tangy. Salty. Crispy. Just a little sweet. Buttery. In your mouth. All at the same time.



Seriously. Look at that. Look. at. that. It is the cheesiest of grilled cheeses that I have ever made. And friends, I am a grilled cheese enthusiast. I make grilled cheeses a lot. I think I’ll make one for lunch, now that I’m thinking about it. Oh well. It’s not like it’s even really summer anymore. Cue the violins and sad trombones.

cheeses cut

Brie, goat cheese and smoked mozzarella grilled cheese
2 slices bread
2 tbsp butter
slices of smoked mozzarella
slices of brie
crumbled goat cheese
about 6 thin apple slices
2-3 slices of bacon

Heat your butter in a nonstick skillet and assemble your sandwich contents to your liking. I found it made the most sense to lay out the smoked mozzarella, then brie, then top with goat cheese crumbles, while adding in apple and bacon slices throughout.

Once the butter is melted, plunk your sandwich down in the middle of your melted butter puddle. (Oooh, wouldn’t that be an awesome restaurant name? The Butter Puddle. Whatever, I’d eat there.) I usually try to cover my pan, to trap the heat and get the cheese to melt without totally burning my bread. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I don’t. This time, I succeeded.


After about 5-10 minutes, once your bottom slice of bread is golden brown, carefully flip your sandwich.

Once your sandwich is done, slice and eat that bad boy. And don’t feel bad about not sharing.



Happy eating!



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