What’s Tuppershare?

Taken from the original Tuppershare tumblr. I decided to relocate my loved-yet-horribly-neglected cooking blog to WordPress, and am in the process of moving all my old entries over here. This should be interesting, considering what a lazy procrastinator I am.

As an avid writer in her early mid, yikes 20’s, I’ve been hemming and hawing over how to plunge into the blogosphere without going into rambling diatribes about my life (though often amusing, I have a feeling it would get old very quickly) or poor, misguided attempts at relationship advice.

Nobody wants to read a blog on books(since, y’know, bibliophiles are reading books, not blogs), and my friend Joey already unofficially has dibs on music reviews.

Then, it dawned on me. Cooking! I love food! I love making it, eating it, forcing others to eat it, pairing it with wine…it made perfect sense.

However, since my Rolodex o’ recipes is slender at best, I figured, why not incorporate the recipes of fellow foodies? Thus, the inception of Tuppershare. This blog will (hopefully) serve as a collection of recipes of my own, as well as those of family, friends, and anyone else who feels like submitting them (tuppershare@gmail.com, folks).


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